For students of English

Do you want to practise English on the web?

If you are a student of English you can easily "give it a go" and put your English to the practice, all four skills at your own pace and without any difficulty:

Listening: With appropriate software you can listen to the most important radio broadcasts.There are life broadcasts on the net. Besides, some American Universities have developed on-line teaching services where you can do some listening comprehension activities.
Speaking: You need special hardware and software if you want to speak on-line. You'd better ask your PC's dealer.
Reading: Join a newsgroup and share your opinions about many different issues.

Find a penpall and write to him directly.

Writing: Of course this is the fastest developed ground but, shortly, video documents will spread on their thousands.

At the moment you can read any kind of reports, articles, short stories, poems or documentary scripts which were written for outstanding TV channels such as the CNN or the BBC. Search for a topic and you will get a good bunch of possibilities.




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