Tornado through Oklahoma

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A tornado tears through central Oklahoma

At least eight people have been killed a tornado which tore into a town in the US state of Oklahoma.

The tornado swept a swathe of the town of Lone Grove on Tuesday evening, reports said. Local reports said up to 15 people had died.

The tornado, one of at least three in the area, also left 14 people injured, a spokeswoman for the state emergency management department said.

Several buildings in the town of about 4,600 were destroyed by the tornado.

Thousands of people were said to be without power in Oklahoma and neighbouring Texas following the seasonally unusual twisters, which demolished trailer homes and snapped trees and powerlines.

Hail pours out of guttering during a storm later produced a violent tornado on Tuesday afternoon in Edmond, Oklahoma
The tornado storms also produced large hail stones
Nightfall and the dangers posed by the destruction on the ground forced the search for survivors to be suspended in Lone Grove, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Oklahoma City.

One deputy sheriff told The Oklahoman paper he believed there may have been more fatalities.